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Janice Yokoyama Trubitt


Janice Yokoyama Trubitt

Board Member

Janice Yokoyama Trubitt is a Board Member of the Nisei Veterans Legacy. Her father, Albert Masatsugu Yokoyama, was a medic in the original 100th Infantry Battalion. Her uncle, Sadao "Spud" Munemori was the first Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from Able Company of the 100th Infantry Battalion

Janice is a retired Suzuki music teacher, but is still teaching 'cello, violin, and piano actively.  She is a member of many string and piano organizations in the community and keeps a strong connection to the University of Hawaii Music Department since her late husband, Dr. Allen R.Trubitt, was a professor/composer in the department for over 30 years.  She has a strong interest in perpetuating the legacy of the Nisei World War II soldiers, and is a Board member of the NVL, life member of the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans club, and member of the Sons and Daughters of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team club.