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Byrnes Yamashita

Byrnes Yamashita

Vice President and Board Member

Byrnes Yamashita is the Vice President of the Nisei Veterans Legacy and is also currently serving as the Chair of the Education Committee. He is a retired Navy engineer with over 30 years of military engineering and planning experience in the Pacific Indo Area.

His father Victor was a Nisei soldier in World War II, serving with both the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the 100th Infantry Battalion in Italy and France.

A charter member of the Sons & Daughters of the 442nd RCT, he has been actively involved with Japanese American organizations preserving and promulgating the Nisei soldiers’ legacy for the past seven years. 

In 2014/2015, he took an exhibit on the Nisei soldiers around the State of Hawaii.  Most recently, he curated an exhibit on Hawaii Nikkei (Japanese Americans) history and culture that toured Japan and the State of Hawaii as part of the celebration of initial Japanese immigration to Hawaii.

He has also chaired the Joint Memorial Service for three years which is the most important event the NVL sponsors.

“I look forward to furthering the mission of the NVL to take the Nisei soldiers’ story to the general public and to help educate the younger generations of Hawaii and the world. My strategy is to focus on the post-war contributions of the Nisei veterans to shape modern Hawaii into a more democratic and egalitarian society making it an example for societies around the world.”