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William R. Wright

William Wright

Board Member

Dr. Wright entered military service in 1956, going from high school to Ft Jackson, SC for basic training. In 1957 he entered the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, graduating with a BS in Engineering in 1961, and was commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the USAF. He served in intelligence operations in various locations, and commanded a joint service intelligence team during the Vietnam War.  He was awarded the Bronze Star and U.S. Army Unit Award for Valor for action during the Tet Offensive of 1968.

Returning from the war, he attended Texas A&M University and received a PhD in Computer Science with Operational Analysis. Subsequently he was engaged in space operations roles, retiring in 1981.  Dr. Wright then served in management positions at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle, WA, retiring in 1995 as the Chief Computing Architect. 

He then worked as a consultant to Microsoft and other companies in the computing technology, manufacturing, electrical power, transportation and oil and gas sectors.  In 2000, he headed a start-up software company, which he sold in 2005 to became a full time consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, focused on counter nuclear terrorism.  He retired from this service in 2015, and has since devoted his time to veteran organizations for Americans of Japanese ancestry, principally the Sons and Daughters of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Nisei Veterans Legacy of Hawaii.  Dr. Wright is the son of 442nd RCT veteran, Col William P Wright.

The results of some of his work can be seen on the website: the historical Timeline and Nisei Stories.  He also gives talks and presentations on the background and history of the WWII Nisei contributions to America, with emphasis on the core values that make their legacy compelling.