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Timeline Events

The timeline on this page presents a history of Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJAs) in Hawaii. The history is revealed in a sequence of significant events that initiated and sustained immigration from Japan in the 19th century, followed by transformative events in the 20th century. Major focus is World War II: precursors to the war, commitments and sacrifices demanded by the war, and the resulting society forged from the war's crucible.

The events are arrayed in date sequence on the timeline. An overview summary is accessible for each event, from which the reader can navigate to an in-depth "Wikipedia"-style Event Story.

Note that this timeline is a work in progress; many Event Stories remain to be written. New events will be added over time, responding to the interests and feedback of you, the users of this website.

Event Filters

The events to be displayed on the timeline are determined by the selections you choose on the four filters (dropdown selection boxes). The timeline will be updated each time you make changes to the filters and click the "SHOW TIMELINE" button. A count of the number of events to be displayed on the timeline, based on the filter selections, is shown below the filters.

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