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Hawaii’s Nisei Soldiers: Their Legacy Continues


Saturday, July 24, 2021
Beginning at 5 pm

A virtual educational event, sponsored by the Nisei Veterans Legacy, with support from ABC Stores, First Hawaiian Bank, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Click here to watch.

The virtual event also serves as a fundraiser for the Nisei Veterans Legacy. Proceeds raised from the event will be used to further the mission of 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by creating exhibits, educational materials,  virtual events, and for community outreach. If you would like to support Nisei Veterans Legacy with presenting more educational programs to the community, please consider making a donation.


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About Our Program

The Japanese attack on Oahu in 1941 and the subsequent Presidential Executive Order 9066  forever changed the lives of Japanese Americans in Hawai’i and on the mainland. Despite the racial discrimination, Nisei (second generation Japanese) were determined to prove their loyalty by bravely entering the World War II battlefields in Europe and the Pacific Basin and to uphold the honor of their families. They went on to serve honorably and prove their loyalty to the United States beyond all doubt.
Now, about 80 years later, the specter of prejudice and inequity still haunts us. We see a rise in anti-Asian violence across America. The horrific past that seemed a distant memory has suddenly become painfully real.

Join us for a livestreamed program that celebrates the contributions of Nisei Soldiers, their ganbari spirit, and their lasting contributions after the war to help rebuild Japan and transform Hawai‘i into a more equitable society.

It is a show that serves as the intersection of history and culture, and of Hawai‘i and Japan. We’ve created a program for those of all ages and is designed to spur deeper reflection and action to ensure history does not repeat itself.

Our Speakers

The show is emceed by Steve Uyehara and Liz Chun and will feature:

  • Lynn Heirakuji, President, Nisei Veterans Legacy
  • Warren Haruki, CEO, Grove Farms
  • Jennifer Okubo Polido, estate planning attorney
  • Lory Dillon, teacher, St. Louis School
  • Kristen Nemoto Jay, writer
  • William Kaneko, attorney focusing on government and public affairs; past President of the Honolulu Japanese American Citizens League, and founder of the Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs; and
  • Geoff Sogi, attorney and President of the Honolulu Japanese American Citizens League

Collectively, their perspectives tell a poignant story and perpetuate the legacy of the Nisei Soldiers.

Mahalo to Our Major Sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of ABC Stores, First Hawaiian Bank, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaii Tribune Herald, we’re able to share this timely program with the community."