What We Do


We give in-person and on-line presentations covering the Nisei soldier story. The presentation content and length can be tailored to the audience.


Kaiser High School Presentation, 2020


University of Hawaii Zoom Presentation, 2021


We are available to give in-person and on-line interviews about the NVL and the Hawaii Nisei soldier story.


Island Focus Program, 2022


Think Tech Hawaii, 2021

Create and Display Exhibits

Our permanent historical exhibit is at the Hawaiian Airlines terminal of the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and is available for public viewing.

Honolulu International Airport NVLC Exhibit-CROP2

Hawaii Nisei Veterans Exhibit

We also have two traveling exhibits which are available for display in appropriate venues. One is the 26-panel bi-lingual Hawaii Nikkei Legacy Exhibit which has toured Japan and Hawaii (see the News & Events tab for an online look at this exhibit). The other is a 6-panel portable Nisei Veterans Post-War Contributions exhibit. NVL can deliver and set up the exhibits and offer tours of them.


Hawaii Nikkei Legacy Exhibit


Hawaii Nikkei Legacy Exhibit

Create Videos, Write Articles, Publish Newsletters and Instagram Posts

3We create and post videos that document important events such as our annual Nisei Soldiers Memorial Service. Additionally, we support publications like the Hawaii Herald by providing educational articles on the Nisei soldier story and publish our own periodic newsletters (see the bottom of the Homepage). We also support efforts by Japanese media and researchers to tell the Nisei soldier story in Japan.


Nisei Soldiers Memorial Service, 2021


NVL News

Coordinate and Host Community Events

We are available to help plan, coordinate and/or host community events such as our annual Nisei Soldiers Memorial Service and other one-time programs such as the 2021 Go For Broke Soldiers Commemorative Stamp unveiling in Hawaii which was live-streamed due to COVID restrictions on live gatherings.


Annual Memorial Service


Go For Broke Soldiers Commemorative Stamp Launch, 2021 (Photo: Anthony Consillio)

Collaborate with Other Organizations

We partner with and support other local and national organizations with similar missions.


Co-sponsored JACL Event, 2022


Supported the National Veterans Network as it partnered with the U.S. Army in creating the Nisei soldier exhibit in the new National Museum of the U.S. Army (Photo: U.S. Army Center of Military History)

Support Student Outreach

We are available to support public and private school events at any level including college level that promote the Nisei soldier story. In addition, our website contains a Student Resources tab (under Learning Center) which serves as a repository for student essays, videos, etc. for use by students and educators.


Nisei Impact Youth Journalism Program, 2022 (Photo: Cindy Ellen Russell/Honolulu Star-Advertiser)


Kaiser High School Presentation, 2020

Nisei Veterans Legacy