Hawaii Nikkei Legacy Exhibit

Japanese Culture in Modern Hawaii

Many Japanese customs remain popular in Hawaii today. Some have taken on a unique cross-cultural representation different from its Japanese origin.

Some Japanese people are surprised that the Nikkei in Hawaii have retained many elements of the Meiji Era culture that the Issei brought with them when they immigrated to Hawaii. While cultural practices in Japan have evolved, many that were brought to Hawaii by the Issei have remained intact.

Bon dance at Palolo Hongwanji, Honolulu, Hawaii (2014).

Cherry Blossom Queen and court with Governor David Ige, Honolulu, Hawaii (March 2016).

Hawaii yonsei celebrating Girls Day, Aiea, Hawaii (March 1999).

Mochi pounding at Kuakini Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii (ca. 2005).

Taiko drumming, Pacific Buddhist Academy (August 2013).

Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce Kabuki presentation of “Shiranami Go Nin Otoko” (2016).

Kendo training at Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.

Students of the Nakasone Okinawan Dance Academy performing at annual Okinawa Festival, Honolulu, Hawaii (September 2015).

Nisei Veterans Legacy