Call for Artifacts for the Army’s Nisei Soldier Traveling Exhbition

Dear Friends:

I have exciting news to share with you. The National Veterans Network (NVN — in partnership with the National Museum of the U.S. Army (NMUSA — and the Army Historical Foundation will launch the nation-wide Nisei Soldier traveling exhibition starting in 2026. The exhibition will be created from the 800 square feet Nisei Soldier Experience currently on display at the NMUSA and be expanded with an additional 400 square feet to incorporate 35 significant historical objects, 50–75 images, and three audio-visual kiosks that will present individual soldier stories and interactive maps of the European and Pacific military campaigns.

This new traveling exhibition will be hosted over a 5-year period in 11 cities in the following states: California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Georgia, Hawaii (Honolulu), Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oregon, New York, Texas, and Wyoming.

Christine Sato-Yamazaki, Executive Director, NVN asked General David Bramlett (Army, retired) and me to serve as the Hawaii liaisons for the traveling exhibition. Working together with the NVN and Army team, General Bramlett and I support the integration of the Hawaii experience in the Nisei Soldier traveling exhibition.

A key step in the creation of the new exhibition is the NMUSA's acquiring of (both permanent and temporary) additional historical artifacts from the community. Priority is being given to photos/images for the I Am An American entrance and Legacy area of the exhibit. The NMUSA will professionally care for each artifact that is accepted for inclusion in the exhibition.

Here is how you can help support the launch of the Nisei Soldier traveling exhibition in 2026. If you have any historical artifacts that you would like to donate or loan to the NMUSA please review the attached guidance. The deadline for submitting donation offers by email to the NVN is May 1, 2024 — note that review of offers will begin in the March/April period so early submissions are encouraged. Please be advised that consideration and acceptance of artifacts does not guarantee their inclusion in the traveling exhibition.

Also, note that the NVN would like to add that for the Hawaii community, it requires that:

The venue for the Hawaii traveling exhibition is yet to be announced.

Thank you for your support of this significant, one-time endeavor to bring the Nisei Soldier story to a national audience. Please feel free to share this message.

Lynn Heirakuji
Nisei Veterans Legacy

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