Hawaii Herald Article, “An Unlikely Friendship: Italian American Nicholas Iosue Mistaken for AJA Leads to Lifelong Friendships”

Carmine Iosue, adult son of World War II Veteran, Nicholas Iosue (deceased) has touching memories of his dad who formed a strong bond of friendship with members of the 442nd RCT on the battlefield. Nicholas was severely wounded in Italy and while in a field hospital, was mistakenly assumed to be Japanese because of his name. When given the option of being placed in a Caucasian field hospital, he chose to stay with his new Japanese American friends and remained in touch with them after the war.

Read the story of Carmine’s recent trip to Hawaii during which he met with members of the Nisei Veteran community. In these times of deep conflict in this country, this unusual story reminds us of the lasting power of intercultural connections.

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