Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ) Recognizes NVL

On May 3, 2019 Hawaii Tourism Japan made a donation to the Nisei Veterans Legacy as part of their Aloha Program educational program. The donations are made to non-profit organizations in Hawaii involved with educational, cultural and sustainability efforts. NVL reps receiving the award were Byrnes Yamashita, Education Committee Chair (left) and Lynn Heirakuji, Vice President (second from left). HTJ Vice President Mitsue Varley is on the right.

The NVL has worked closely with the HTJ over the past two years to promote Hawaii’s Japanese culture in Japan. NVL’s “Hawaii Nikkei Legacy” Exhibit is part of HTJ’s Aloha Program, which toured Japan last year. The exhibit can be found here: https://www.nvlchawaii.org/hawaii-nikkei-legacy-exhibit.

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